Candle Care

Need some help trouble shooting your candle?

Trim your dang wicks! (But not too short 😉)
Let’s talk candle care tips & troubleshooting

  • A wick that is TOO LONG / has too much burnt wick at the top tends to extinguish itself ): the candle is fueled by the wax of the candle, NOT the wood, so having a wick that is too long means the wax won’t be able to make it up (the optimal length is about the width of a USB tip )
  • A wick that is TOO SHORT will result in “drowning”. If you have a lighter you can try to burn right around the wick and then take a paper towel to gently soak up some excess wax. This should give the wick some room to breath
  • When lighting the wick it’s important that the entire wick catches the flame. It helps to light the wick and an angle and drag the match slowly from one side to the other making sure the flame has caught from the base of the wick to the top. Because the wicks are wooden, it can take a couple of tries light them, for the flame to really catch and stay lit.
  • The 1st BURN is the MOST important burn! You want the wax melt pool to reach the very edge of the jar to prevent “tunnelling”. Candles have a memory and we want you to get the most use of you candle.
  • Tunneling can be fixed by wrapping your candle with tin foil, & letting it burn for a couple hours. This softens up the wax on the side and will melt some to the bottom, but you can then take a paper towel to scrape out any excess, leaving you with a perfectly levelled candle again 😄

    But of course these are all handmade and in the off chance you try all these tricks and it’s still struggling please reach out!


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